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I have been using Anywhere for a couple of years. I often miss an aural notification because of hearing loss. Is there a way to turn on “repeat notifications”, i.e. a beep or other audio notification that a message has arrived, that will continue until I read the message? Or some other means of alerting me that a message has arrived? I am using a Pixel 3a, standard launch configuration.

Hi @philp,

What you ask for is not a feature built-in to either Republic Anywhere or Android generally. There are third party apps that may help. A sample search at Google’s Play Store is linked here: I have not used any of these apps.

Thank you for your response. I tried some 3rd party apps, could not find what I was looking for.

What did they lack?

There is a visual notification at the top of the screen.

Would an app that uses the flash to notify you be useful? (It seems this is an accessibility setting in some Samsung phones, but I don’t see anything similar in my Moto, and I don’t have a Pixel to explore.)

They lacked audible, repeatable notifications. In short, I’d like incoming texts to ring like a phone.

That’s interesting, and I had not understood that earlier. When you wrote “that will continue until I read the message,” I thought you were looking for what we call “persistent notifications” where it keeps beeping or chirping the notification tone every few minutes until you notice it, possibly even for hours.

Wanting it to ring like a phone… I think you can accomplish that without an app. Notification tones are typically very short sounds like a beep or a chirp. You’ll just assign a much longer audio file as the notification tone. You can even use a full-length song if you’d like.

Keep in mind, the “ringing like a phone” is simply one audio file repeating for up to 30 seconds. We can’t make the notification tone repeat like that, but you can set a very long notification tone so that for each text message, you get even more than 30 seconds of noise. (I just set a 3-minute song as my text notification to try it out.)

Here’s what you’d need to get set up this way:

  1. An audio file (mp3) that plays for a long time that you can use as the notification tone
  2. A decision: Do you want to hear this long notification tone for every notification you receive - or just text messages? (You could have one song for text messages, a different one for e-mail, etc.)

Once you have the answers to the above, we can help you get it set up.

southpaw, that is exactly, precisely what I’m looking for. I have already assigned bits of songs as ringtones for 1) all calls except those from my wife, and 2) a separate ringtone for calls from my wife.
I did this on my computer, I have forgotten HOW I did it, but for TEXTS, I’d like to assign either a song or ringtone to ALL incoming texts, so that they would “ring” for maybe 20 seconds or so, so as to alert me that I have an incoming, real time text. I don’t know the technical name for that. So to be clear, I don’t want to fool with the ringtones I’ve already set up for voice calls. I just want something other than a click or a raindrop sound for incoming texts…actually, I’d like a bit of a song. I know how to download a song from the web, and then edit it or snip it to just obtain a portion of the song. Can I do that using my desktop PC (Win10)? If so, how, and where do I send you your fee? (or gold star​:star2:):grin:
Thanks so much, sorry for being so verbose, it’s an affliction.

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Hi @philp,

If you know how to download a song and edit it to just the 20 or 30 seconds you want to hear when there’s a text message, the next step is to then move it to the “Notifications” folder in your Pixel. I’m kind of old-school, so the way I typically do that is to connect my phone to my computer by USB cable (look at the phone for any kind of acknowledgment that I am wanting to transfer files, not just charge the phone) then use Windows Explorer to copy and paste the music file from my computer to the “Notifications” folder on the phone.
You can also e-mail the music file to yourself, then use your phone to open the e-mail, download the file to the phone, and then use a file manager app (@rolandh or @SuperT, help me here, is there a native file manager app on the Pixel?) to move the file to the “Notifications” folder.

Once you have the audio file in the Notifications folder, then you’ll want to select that audio file from within the messaging app.

  1. Open the Anywhere app
  2. Tap the three dot :dots: icon at top right
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap Notifications
  5. Tap Advanced
  6. Tap Sound and then we would expect you to see the new audio file listed in the list of options and tap to select it there.
    (Bonus: on some phones now there’s an “Add Notification” option at the bottom of the list of available notification sounds that will let you navigate around the phone or even to your Google Drive to import an audio file.)

You’ve already made my day just by asking your question in our Member Community! It’s the perfect example of a question that members can help each other with, not something that requires account access or technical telecom training, and exactly the kind of question our Member Community was intended for.


There is. Google cleverly named it “Files”. The icon looks like this:

Files Icon


Orders from my boss to go get groceries. Will attempt this when I get back. Thank you!


Well, I connected my Pixel 3a to the computer via a usb cord, but I cannot see anything on the Pixel notifying me that I am connected to the PC. I tried the native Files, but the PC didn’t show up. I tried File Commander, a 3rd party file manager, same thing. I will email the file to my phone, but I don’t know how to get it into the Notifications folder. I am sorry to keep bothering you with this, and I really appreciate your help as well as the others.

Hi @philp,

Please see if these instructions help with the connection to your PC:

Let us know if the instructions @SuperT sent helped. Sometimes there’s a notification you have to swipe down from the top of the screen to really look for.

If you were able to e-mail the audio file to yourself, then you’d want to open that e-mail and tap to download the audio file to the phone. Doing so will store the audio file in the “Download” folder on the phone.

Next, open the “Files” app on the phone. Scroll all the way to the bottom and tap “Internal storage”.
Tap “Download”
Tap the three dots :dots: icon beside the audio file and tap “Select”
Tap the three dots :dots: icon at the top right corner of the screen and tap “Move to”
Tap Internal Storage
Tap Notifications
Tap “Move here”

That puts the audio file in the Notifications folder and now you can select it as the notification in the Anywhere app’s settings with the instructions I sent earlier.

Thank you for your help in assisting me in transferring files from my PC to my Pixel 3a. My PC has the latest update of Windows 10, and the phone is Android 11.
When I pull the notification bar down on the phone, I do not see anything that resembles anything to do with USB. I see “Wi-Fi”, “Bluetooth”, “Do Not Disturb”, “Flashlight”, "Auto-Rotate+, and “Battery Saver”. That’s it. What am I doing wrong? I know it must be me, but I’ve tried everything. Kinda complicated.

OK, on MY Pixel 3a, the USB PREFERENCES are under CONNECTED DEVICES. I transferred the file to my phone’s Internal Storage>Music folder. Now I will go back to some previous helpful instructions on how to make that my “text ringtone”. Thanks again RW Angels, when I get it accomplished and working, I’ll let you know.


This is what I see when my Pixel 3a is connected via USB to my Win10 PC when I drag my finger down from the top of the screen:

That area in RED I highlighted shows I’m connected to USB. If l tap on it, it will open to this:

Tap again and you get this:

Click on the File/transfer option and you should find your phone via Explorer on the PC. :crossed_fingers:

I got the file into the Internal Storage folder of the phone. When I click on the 3 dots, I select “Move To”, with intentions of moving it to “Notifications”, but everything is grayed out except “Internal Storage”. ?

Am I able to see the phone’s file structure using the PC? I use File Commander for moving files around, but when I connect the phone to the PC, the only thing that happens is that a new folder is automatically created on my PC called “Pixel 3a”, and it is empty.

Go ahead and tap “internal storage” - that’ll open up the list of folders on the phone.

On my phone it’s below those. Here’s what it looks like on my Moto G Power:

Earlier you wrote:

This method you used to move the file to the “Internal Storage > Music” folder would also work to move it to the “Internal Storage > Notifications” folder.

Or, you can look for that “Add notification” option in the notification settings that I mentioned earlier, as it will let you browse the phone for the file.
Anywhere app > three dots :dots: > Settings > Notifications > Advanced > Sound, scroll to the bottom of the list.


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