Repeated UICC Unlock Popup


I know I have seen the answer to this question before, but I cannot for the life of me find the archived question.

How do I stop my sister’s Moto E (2nd Gen) from repeatedly having a popup saying “Your device has been updated to support any UICC.” She gets this message more than 5 times a day (and I had this problem back when I had one as well). The answer involved booting into the boot menu and selecting something… but as it was a few years ago, nothing looks familiar anymore. :frowning:


Hi @chandlerm.ldt7xk

Was it Clearing the Cache – Republic Help

I remember seeing this discussion in the past, but having trouble locating the threads myself. I’ll keep looking.

Edit: There is also the Troubleshooting section from this document…


Hmm… no, the post I saw was on the old republic forums (Sorry, I meant to mention that!) But I will try this, so thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi @chandlerm.ldt7xk,

I think you may be referring to the Republic Health and Wellness posts in our old Community. There was indeed a posting regarding an ongoing issue with a UICC Unlock dialog frequently presenting itself on Moto E2s. To the best of my knowledge, there is no fix for this. Any fix will require Motorola to patch the Android operating system on the phone. To date, no such patch has been forthcoming.

The best one can do for now is to dismiss the dialog. It’s annoying but meaningless. I still have an E2 in my household and it gets that dialog from time to time. I do not see it anywhere near as frequently as five times a day (maybe once to twice a week. For that, I’m very sorry to hear of your sister’s experience.


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