Repeater Bridge, router to router?


I picked up a new, off brand (TOTOLink) AC1200 router the other day, cheap. It’s actually not a bad little router. But, support on it is weak. There’s no user manual, only a “quick setup” guide. On the maker’s website support section, they have a FAQ that comes closest to a user guide. It describes how to setup the router as a WiFi repeater. But, there is nothing on setting it up as a repeater bridge, which, I think, is what I need to be able to roam seamlessly around the house while on a WiFi call with my RW phone.

This DD-WRT Wiki page says having a repeater setup where you use the same SSID on the main router and the repeater allows “roaming”, ie. keeping a connection active ¿or reconnect? when a client switches to another router.

The router configuration setup has a repeater mode (and a WDS mode) setting, but not a bridge mode setting. Do any of you router geeks know what it takes to do a WiFi repeater bridge?


Have you tried the instructions for N2004NS repeater settings shown in the FAQs tab at ? These settings look correct to me for setting up the router as a repeater in wireless multi-bridge mode. Whether or not you can do seamless access point roaming can still be iffy, however. There are a number of protocols each device must support and implement in an equivalent manner.


If you ignore the plug for their product here is a good primer on WiFi roaming