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I did a search and found a relevant thread, but did not understand the answer.

I have a replacement Moto X 2nd Gen. I want to replace the phone, I don’t want to upgrade my plan.
In the Republic activation process the interface says I can replace the line and “keep my plan” but then the activation process forces me to choose a plan upgrade. If I don’t make a new plan choice, I cannot continue with the activation process. I don’t want to upgrade, I want to keep my plan. It’s the exact same phone model as previous, and even teh republic app says I’ll keep my plan. Should I just choose a plan even though it’s not the same as my current one and regardless, they’ll give me my old plan? Thanks.

Please help us understand. You’re replacing a Republic Moto X 2nd Gen, with another Republic Moto X 2nd Gen, correct?

If so, when activating the phone, and using the same Republic account, you should be given an option to “replace”. If you select replacement, then the number and plan move over, no need to select another plan.

If either the situation I described at the top, or what you’re seeing doesn’t match, let us know.

@louisdi -Thank you for your reply. Yes. I got my new/refurb Moto x Gen 2 today. It is replacing my broken Moto X Gen 2.

But, no. When I go to activate my phone the text description for my phone number says “Replace” then my number and says “Please note that the Moto X (2nd Gen) this telephone number is currently assigned to will be deactivated when you complete your order. You will keep the same plan” Then a green bar “UPGRADE LINE” then I must choose the new plans - There is no further option to really “Replace” even though the header says replace.

Thanks for any advice you may have.

Choose what new plans? Can you be more specific? What plan are you on now and what plans is it trying to make you choose from?

@louisdi My current plan is the “Wifi, Cell Talk and Text and 3G data.” I think I get like 4gb a month and pay $25 before taxes for the one line (my wife has the same plan). I don’t know the naming convention for this plan. The prompt to upgrade only gives me Republic Refund" and “Wife plan” options. None of them match my current plan.


You should be able to move your plan without issue when selecting replacement. To be clear when you open the Republic App on the replacement device, you first select “I Have an Existing Account” and you used the email address your current phone is attached to to sign in. Then, you touch the “replace” option and then after that it is forcing you to select a plan?

Yes. Exactly.

Thanks for any help.

Sheesh… I’m out of ideas. I’ve pinged some folks to see if anyone has any thoughts. Hopefully someone will come by soon.

Thanks. I hope this is just a glitch. I looked in my status bar where the void icon currently is located for activation. It says “Hold tight. You’ll be prompted to reboot momentarily.” However, it’s been there for a while with no action. My phone is currently restoring 69 apps…maybe that’s why it’s not rebooting yet. I hope it doesn’t force me off my plan. But right now, I’m just not activating my phone…

If you have the Hold Tight prompt that usually means you’ve already completed the activation. If you restart the phone, what happens?

It’s telling me it will reboot momentarily. So I figured I’d wait for the prompt or until the apps install whichever comes first. The apps should be finished in a few minutes. I’ll then force a restart and post here. THanks for your help, @louisdi

Let me know, I’ll be around for about another 30 minutes.

Thanks @louisdi. I turned off my phone and turned it back on. I didn’t see any other way to reboot. Once it loaded again. I get the same "Hang in there…sit tight message that says it will prompt me to reboot. Then nothing happened. Then for a moment, the republic bar came up and my plan was displayed. Then it went away and I got the void sign again. So I went into activation and I get the same message as before “you’ll keep your plan” but the button is upgrade and is telling me to choose the wifi or refund plans…

what is going on here…

When you check your email, do you have an email letting you know activation is in process?

No. FWIW - my republic account is tied to my yahoo account, not my gmail account.

Also, now the “sit tight” message is gone and the void icon says “Activate now. We’ll help you get up and running.” Then, the same thing happens when I log in and try to replace not upgrade.

You’re logging in to the Republic App using the email that your old phone is connected to, correct?

yes, @louisdi

I think you’re going to need a ticket to solve this: Tickets | Republic Wireless

Ok. Do you know how long they usually take to resolve? I have been without phone service for a week and a half.

If I choose one of these other plans can I go back to my normal plan because this is an error on RW?

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