Replace my landline with RW?


We’re one of those families that still has a landline and we aren’t ready to dump it yet. Yeah, we’re old.

But I’m wondering why I can’t just move my landline to RW? I’m assuming I could port our number over and in general I’ve been happy with the performance of my RW phone when used at home.

Ideally, I’d like to keep our current cordless phones as the “device(s)” since we have four set up around the house. Is there a device that will act as the cellular “base” that we can use to tie in our former landline phones?


There are a number of cordless phone systems that have such functionality:

Another option is to move your number to something like Ooma or other device designed specifically for what you’re talking about and then if you wanted to get those calls while out you could do a “no answer” forward to your cell phone.


Hi @johng.6r5jad,

If you’re current cordless phones don’t already have Bluetooth, there is XLink:


I have one of these at my home and ,my SO has one at her home. In both of our cases this device connects our cell phones to our home phone systems.