Replace my old phone with Nexus 6

I just bought an refurbished Nexus 6 to replace my old Moto G phone. Here is what I did so far.

  1. Nexus 6 XT1103 with Android 6 OS. I put republic wireless SIM card in and download the republic wireless app.

  2. App runs and brings me to the GUI to replace my old phone and asked me to pick a new plan.

I stopped here and want to ask help. Because I am currently using the old $10 monthly plan, all of the new plans are more expensive than the old ones. Can I still keep the old plan since it’s even cheaper .

I am also concerned that if Nexus 6 with OS 6 and republic wireless app is fully compatible with RW service? I am wondering, if something wrong and my old phone and number will be messed up. I am going to travel this Friday. So I don’t want to mess up my old phone and number.

So I need some help to guide me through without messing up. And do I need to upgrade the OS to Android 7.1 before activating the new phone with the same number?


The Nexus 6 is compatible so that’s not an issue [though it is nearing Google’s end of OS life] BYOD is all GSM and all need the new 3.0 plans [the cost of GSM and BYOD ]

So I have to change plans and give it a go. Will the app checks and tests before it actually moves my old number to the new phone?


The app will make sure the phone is compatible [at least 6.0 right model] before it will activate a Republic 3.0 GSM BYOD SIM]

OK. I will go ahead to active the phone.


does it matter if it’s the XT1100 or XT1103 model?

it needs to be XT1103 which is the North American Factory unlock version


Nexus 6 by Motorola (XT1103) (Apps → Settings → About phone → Regulatory information → Model)

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