Replace phone, new acct old phone


My son is getting a new phone and giving old phone to wife with a new acct. son wants new phone to arrive with current number and have wife’s phone activated with her current number?


Hi @larryr.gezdnu

When you activate your new phone you will have an option to use your current number on that new device. Reactivate old phone on a new line of service, or new account, and once complete, the wife can initiate a number transfer to “port” her existing number to her new (to her) device.

Detailed instructions can be found here:

Please feel free to respond if you have additional questions or would like more assistance.


I am going to have to guess about a few things:

  1. What is the old phone he is replacing?
  2. Is your daughter-in-law already on Republic and want to replace her phone, or coming from another carrier and want to transfer it?

When your son gets his new phone, he will activate it as a replacement for his old phone. That step will deactivate the old phone and make it ready to activate again. I am not sure that model phone is his old phone, so I have to guess it is older than our newer 3.0 service and does not require a new SIM card. If it is older, then his wife will just need to activate the phone as either a new line or a replacement. I would suggest factory resetting before handing it over.


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