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I cracked my Samsung S7 edge screen and am going to get a new phone. I will make sure it is one of the phones that works on RW, but will my current SIM card likely work with a new phone even if it isn’t the same brand and model? Hoping I can just keep using this same SIM, but not sure if that is possible…


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Hi @thomasj.hgijdp
Yes the sim card can be swapped from one phone to another. The sim card has a unused shelf life of about 4 years and if the card was previously used the shelf life of being not active outside of a phone is dramatically less like 30 days. I am not sure of that number but it isn’t very long. I have looked for documentation but the help search engine has no info that I find.



Hi @thomasj.hgijdp,

I’m sorry to hear about your S7. Candidly, moving a SIM from one Republic 3.0 phone to another Republic 3.0 phone may or may not work. For some additional insight on that, may I ask you share whether the word Republic on the SIM in question is all gray? Or, is the “public” part of Republic green?



This is only true if the phone is on the GSM partners network if it configured for the CDMA network the SI M is not swap-able
also note Republic SIM can only be reactivated 20 days after being deactivated

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Thanks for your response. The “public” part is green…



Thanks for your perspective, Bocephous.



Tx. How does one deactivate this SIM in the first place? I was just going to try to move it from the old phone to the new one–so I don’t see what would trigger the “20 days” issue. I’m sure I’m missing something here.



deactivating would mean cancelling the line (which you are not trying to do )



Thanks @rolandh & @drm186 for clarification. I will be darned if I could find documents on this.

GSM Sim card (green in the republic word on sim card):
So 20 days on a used GSM Sim card outside of a phone & is swappable to another GSM phone.

CDMA Sim card (grey Republic word on sim card):
CDMA sim cards are not swappable even to CDMA provisioned phones. Make a service ticket out with support for a new provisioned sim card.



You’re most welcome and, thank you, for the additional context. The fact that “public” is green confirms your S7 is provisioned for coverage with Republic’s GSM cellular network partner. It’s probable but not guaranteed moving the SIM to any 3.0 phone listed here will work.

Republic does suggest use of a fresh SIM when activating a new phone for the best user experience, however, doing so isn’t mandatory. If the plan is to bring a compatible phone purchased from a third party I would suggest acquisition of a new Republic SIM as best practice. You may purchase from Republic or from Amazon. This way, you’ll have a new SIM if needed. If you choose to purchase a new phone from Republic, a SIM will be included.

For what it’s worth, I’ve moved a Republic GSM SIM from one 3.0 phone to another 3.0 phone on multiple occasions. My experience is usually but not always doing so works. @bocephous, this is why Republic suggests a new SIM and doesn’t document moving an already activated Republic GSM SIM between phones.



Makes sense, and thanks much. I’m going to give it a try with the old SIM and then buy one if I need to. Cheers!



Ok. Thanks for your input as well. Cheers.


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