Replace phone while traveling


My phone fell off a shelf onto the floor this morning and the screen cracked. While it is still working fine at the moment, I will be going on an international trip to China/Japan tomorrow for 8-9 days. What are my replacement options if the display becomes altered or unusable while on my trip? I tried dialing the ##786##, which brought up “RTN Settings” menu (which indicates that I would need a republic-issues phone to transfer my number?). Thanks for the help!


Hi @johns.motox,

Without knowing the specific phone in question, it’s a bit difficult to provide definitive answers. Options for replacing your phone while in China/Japan are probably non-existent. Republic requires use of certain North American factory unlocked phones or, in the case of legacy phones, Republic specific phones. None of them are likely to be easily available for purchase outside the U.S. More on qualified phones here:

If ##786## produced RTN Settings, that suggests you have a legacy Republic phone (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2). If I’m right about that your phone works only on WiFi when outside the U.S. You may find this helpful:


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