Replace Samsung J3 with similar size phone

My daughter dropped her Samsung J3.
It still works but the screen is spider webbed.

We’re looking for a replacement of similar size.
My wife’s A11 is bigger than she wants.
Preferably, $200 or so…

Talk, text, photos, videos, are her main uses.
She’s not married to the Samsung brand.

We’ve always bought our phones from Republic but, if necessary, could hunt for a BYOP.

Thanks, in advance, for your suggestions.

Here’s a good starting point to pick the phone size that best suits you.

Based on my cursory check the only phone with comparable size that I see in that list is the Pixel 4a… if you are willing to stretch your budget. My son got the Pixel 4a last year and so far he is very happy with that phone.

Republic sells the exact same factory unlocked phones available elsewhere so I think exploring the BYOP route is totally worth it.

Here’s a good reference if you choose to go the BYOP route.


Thank you for the excellent information


My daughter decided to go with the Samsung A11 after all
Thank you.

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