Replace screen on Moto X 2nd Gen or get new Moto E+?


Hi, I have a Moto X 2nd gen that I really like, except for the fact that I am always running up against my storage limit.
Today, I dropped it and cracked the screen. I have done screen replacements before, but the easiest way to replace it is to do the whole screen/LCD/digitizer as one piece. That will cost me $70-120.
So my question is-- is the Moto X2nd gen good enough that I should invest that money, or will I be as happy or happier with the E+? One feature I rely on is the Moto Assist when driving. I understand that the newer moto phones don’t have that feature, but maybe there are apps that would do the same thing? Would love some guidance in the decision.


I can’t tell you where the E4 will be good enough for you, it is certainly a step down from the X2. The G5+ on the other hand is as good, with a much better camera.

As far as the Moto Assist goes, you can try: or


I loved my X2… until I saw how fast my girlfriend’s Z Play was. The Z Play is the best progression from the X2, in my opinion. Or, the Z. But, the Z Play costs less. The only caveat is that the Z2 is out and will likely come to RW inventory in the coming weeks. Decisions, decisions. They don’t make it easy for us, do they?


Thanks for the input. I didn’t realize that the G5 plus dropped to $229 once you choose 32G. I’m going with that. :slight_smile:


Thanks, but the Z is out of my price range. :slight_smile:


The Z is expensive, compared to the Z Play, which has recently been reduced by $50, now $349, which is a great price for a really nice phone.


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