Replace the SD card in my MOTO G4

Hi all,
I’ve had my MOTO G4 for a little over 2 yrs now and the 64 gig SD card I put in it when it was new is about half filled. I’d like to put in a new blank SD. What effect will removing the current SD card have on my PHOTOS.GOOGLE.COM?
I got most of the albums on that site backed up to my PC, but will I lose anything by replacing the SD card?

If all of your photos are “backed up”, that is synced to the cloud (Google Photos), then only the local copies are stored on your phone either on the phones SD card or built in memory.

You can actually use the Free Up Space option on the Google Photos app to remove(delete) the local copies of the photos/video from the device that have been synced to the cloud. This would clear up much space from the SD card.

However, If you just want to put in a new blank SD card…removing the SD card does not delete the files stored on it or remove the files from Google Photos on-line.

Though you will not have access on the phone to anything else stored on that SD card such as apps that were installed to the SD or other downloads and files like local music collections. You can use an adapter and view the files on the SD card in a computer or laptop.

Just be-sure you either turn the phone off first, or use the Unmount SD card in the Storage settings before u remove the SD card.

many thanks for the reply.

I was thinking that removing the SD card would have no effect on the cloud storage.

It should fix one other issue I have with the phone and storage that I brought to the

groups attention months ago- double files and folders of photos on the phone.

I’ll attach a few screen shots that I submitted before. I don’t know how these duplicates

got there and no one had any ideas for removing or consolidating them- so

starting over with a new SD card is one way that I can think of.


Ive seen that happen before. Not sure if the app is just, for some strange reason, reading the local copy of the file and the cloud copy and making 2 separate albums.

You don’t have to replace the SD if you don’t want to. As you can just format the card in the phone and that will wipe the card clean.

One thing that I have seen that causes the 2 Camera Folders is that u have one folder on the SD card, and one on the Phones internal built in memory card.

U should be able to just manually delete both folders from the File Explorer.

But if u also have duplicate copy situation on your Google Photos, that will forever show in the app, until u sort and delete them on the cloud.

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