Replacement for Google Contacts

I have been seeking a complete replacement for Google Contacts. I’d very much like to find one that is open source. The app I am looking for will not have anything do with google or google contacts whatsoever. Extra super gravy on top would be that such an app easily works with my Thunderbird contacts. I’m not having any luck.

Any pointers?

I’m pretty much out of the walled garden now, but contacts keeps sucking me back in. Maybe google knows that I am googling my escape plan and won’t let me find good contacts software. Please help.

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Hi @jasonw.6xe51g,

I use DAVdroid to sync contacts on my Androids. It’s open source itself and works with pretty much any server software using the open CalDAV and CardDAV (calendar and contacts respectively) standards. I use it to sync contacts with macOS server, which I run on a Mac (obviously) rather than sync contacts to anyone’s cloud.

ETA: For the sake of clarity, you’d still use your phone’s native contacts app (quite possibly Google Contacts) but wouldn’t need to sync those contacts with Google’s cloud.


Google is like …“Hotel California” :slight_smile: but I commend your efforts to Google-escape!

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