Replacement phone debacle


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Issue Description

My phone’s headphone jack broke and RW determined they should replace the phone and sent me a dirty and scratched G3. I pointed out that my phone is in great condition, except for the phone jack, so they sent a second replacement. I was assured that this time they would include SIM and SD cards. Not only did the second replacement not have SIM and SD cards, I could not get cell service to work, and my home button, the circle, is inopperable.
Now I can’t get a response. Just bot emails about how my phone is ready to do what phones are meant to do these days. They have until tomorrow to fix. Then I will re-activate my Moto E. I would re-activate my Defy XT if it were allowed.
Here is my question.
How do I elevate this to a responsible person so I don’t have to re-explain to a new tech person, then a new non-tech person everytime something else fails to work. Why two people for every tech problem?
Who is in charge here?

Moto G3



Place your support ticket number here. Only support can access it so no info will be disclosed. Put spaces between numbers or the community will blank them out.

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Hi @itsdean,

I’m looking into your ticket history now.



1 2 4 0 1 2 3



I have your ticket and we’re responding to one another there.


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