Replacement Phone Delays?


Has anyone else had issues with the replacement phone process? I bought a moto x4 that was defective (wouldn’t power back on) and was told my phone would ship last Thursday. It’s now Wednesday of the following week and the phone still hasn’t shipped. Called RW customer service and they are just saying they ‘hope’ it ships today but can’t be sure. I’m on day 10 with no phone and super disappointed. Has anyone else had issues or delays this bad? Is this normal for RW? Any advice on how to speed this up?


Hi @ryanr.ywncrw,

We’ve experienced some extensive delays due to multiple issues at our partner’s fulfillment center. Based on the timeline you’ve given, I susped your order was impacted by the New Year holiday. Immediately after the new year, the fulfillment center closed for annual inventory, which stretched a few days longer than anticipated, which did not allow us to proactively advise our members that such extended delays would be possible.

We have received word today that the annual inventory is now complete and the fulfillment center will begin processing the backlog of orders. This is why you would be told that we “hope” it will ship today. We anticipate it will be highly unlikely that all of the orders will be able to ship today.

Orders are typically processed in the order they were placed. We have no way to have any specific order prioritized over the others. There is nothing our members, or even our support agents, can do to speed this up.

Ten days without a working phone is definitely not the experience we aim to deliver, and I apologize that you have been waiting so long. This is not normal for us, though we have been experiencing problems with fulfillment since Thanksgiving. We are increasing our number of fulfillment partners and developing a new fulfillment process to try to ensure issues such as these do not affect our members in the future.