Replacement Phone Options

I’m replacing a MotoX. I’m interested in suggestions for a newer phone with:

  • RW compatible
  • Value price
  • Nano SIM
  • NFC
  • Expandable storage


hello @pooratlas

if you Moto X is a 1st or 2nd gen I will note that you plan will be changing as the legacy plans (1.0 or 2.0 Refund) are only for the legacy phones (Moto X 1 & 2, Moto E 1 & 2, Moto G 1 & 3) and all phones since 2016 use Republic the my choice plans ($15 base (Calling and text) + $5 per GB with no refunds)

give the requirements of NFC, Expandable Storage and Value (just about all phones today use a nano SIM) you are most likely looking at the Samsung A line (A11 for $179 (SM-A115U1), A21 for $249 (SM-A215U1), or the A51 for $399 (SM-A515U1)

I will note the SIM in a Legacy Moto X needs to stay with that phone and is not compatible with the current phones, if you order from Republic a New SIM will be installed if order 3rd party these or any other BYOD supported phones you will need a Republic SIM from Here or from Amazon

edit to remove the A11 as it does not have NFC (thanks @southpaw)


I don’t believe the A11 has NFC.


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