Replacement phone purchase problems!

What phone do you have?
What plan are you on?
1g plan
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Talk & text

Issue Description

I damaged my moto g 7 & need to replace it. When I order a moot stylus or any other phone you have it gets me down to shipping but won’t let me complete payment. I dint think I’m on a 4.0 plan I’m on the 1G monthly plan

Hi @larrys.k1v0rb and welcome to the Community!

Your damaged Moto G7 (sorry to hear that) is indeed on a 4.0 plan (a/k/a My Choice). With the announcement of Republic’s new 5.0 plans, Republic no longer sells My Choice compatible phones at its online store.

To determine your options, we need some information regarding your Moto G7’s SIM. I understand the phone is damaged, so we’ll need you to remove and examine the SIM.

Is the lettering for the “public” part of the word Republic on the SIM green?

Or, is the lettering for the entire word Republic all gray or all black?

Thanks I spoke with chat & I’m adding two new lines and getting a new phone the other phone an a50 will work on 5.0.

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