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I have two original model Moto X’s, purchased within 6 months of each other. Both are exhibiting dreadful battery life, so I’m thinking of replacing them.

I have really BAD T-mobile service in my area (even though it says it’s great!). AT&T works fine though. I think I read Republic uses T-mobile, right? Right now, my phones are CDMA and work well. Can I ensure a CDMA phone if I get a new one?

Hi @vegas!

Republic’s coverage checker is designed to make getting the right provider easier. Thus, you cant explicitly choose your carrier. The following phones are CDMA capable which you can view here:
Moto G4
Moto G4 Play
Moto G4 Plus
Moto G5 Plus
Moto X Pure Edition
Nexus 5X
Nexus 6
Nexus 6P
Google Pixel
Google Pixel XL
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

I would recommend buying the phone with the GSM SIM. If the coverage is, indeed, terrible, you can open a help ticket and ask to be switched to CDMA. If you aren’t comfortable with this, you can open a help ticket, explain the situation, and inquire about the possibility of getting a CDMA device, even though GSM is recommended. I hope that helps!



for phones purchase from Republic the only one inn stock that can be used on the CDMA carrier is the Moto G5 Plus (32 GB or 64 GB versions)
that said one can get a BYOD of phones that can be activated on CDMA and after installing the BYOD GSM SIM and activating as GSM a support ticket can move it over to the CDMA carrier
see the table in the following link to find a phone that can be activated on CDMA (note the YES* means that CDMA is coming but not yet ready)

also see

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That really seems like a hassle. I guess I ‘lucked out’ on the last phone I purchased and it was CDMA and works fine. However, I’ve tried GSM (T-Mobile) and the service is HORRIBLE. I’m not inclined to go thru that just to have it replaced/switched. I’ll look elsewhere for service then.

vegas FYI,

As most here I’m just another member as you. Realize it may sound like a hassle to you but can tell you from my experience it’s much easier than it may seem to you.

The major difference for you if you decide to get a new phone will be moving to the newer 3.0 plans/phones.

There are several excellent BYOPs available in varying price ranges that you could have up and running on current Sprint network with little additional effort or time involved.

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Hi @vegas,

I can simplify the hassle somewhat for you, if you’d like to order the G5+. Let me know as soon as you’ve placed the order, and I’ll look to see which carrier was selected. If your phone shipped equipped with a GSM SIM, I’ll send you a CDMA SIM as quickly as I can, so it gets there within a reasonable amount of time after your phone arrives. You’ll still have to activate the phone with the GSM SIM, but once it’s activated, you can swap the cards. I’ll include instructions with the SIM card.


Ok, sounds good, I will message you once ordered. Thanks for the assist. I guess I didn’t realize it was just a SIM swap, I thought it was a phone swap.


Last year it would have required a phone swap. Glad southpaw was wise enough to clarify a simple SIM card swap will do the trick and offered to assist.

Good to hear you’ll be sticking around.

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