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I’m looking to replace my son’s moto g, is republic moving away from Motorola phones? Also surprised with the 2-4 weeks delivery? If I put an unlocked moto g7 from Best Buy will republic support it?

There are still many Moto phones that RW support.
It is the holiday time. So it is very normal for things to be out of stock or back-ordered.

See the list here Compatible phones.

Also, this article may be informative.

What gen model Moto G does your son have? If it is one of the old legacy G1 or G3, be aware that getting a new current model phone, requires the current My Choice plan, not the Refund based plan.

Some of the models Best Buy sells are the factory unlocked correct model for RW.
But, I think some have reported that they bought one there and it ended up not being compatible.

He’s got the Moto G3. Battery seems to be bad, charges to100% but shuts down @ 85%. I like the moto phones, but republic’s delivery is now 2 to 4 weeks. I was hoping to have one in the mail before then. Also, noticed that the republic phones are switching from moto to Samsung & google.

What brings you to that conclusion?
The phones sold on the RW store are the more popular model phones.
Samsung is the top most popular and desired phones.
But RW support many more phones.

Motorola moto e⁶

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RW has a good deal on the Moto E6 for $99 and comes with 3 months free service.


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You may want to look at this article for some useful info

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