Replacement sim card


what is the fastest way to get a replacement sim card for my moto x 1st gen? Do I go to an electronics store and buy one, or does it have to come from republic?


Hi @robertg.b5ox83!

You will need to contact Republic support in order to receive a replacement SIM. The SIMS that @c1tobor is referring too are for the 3.0 phones and won’t work in your Moto X1 (he probably missed that you have a legacy device). You can open a help ticket here: Republic Help. You could also try the Live Chat option, but they may just open a ticket for you. Hope that helps!



Oh, thanks @mb2x

Was a bit distracted and had a 3.0 switch-a-roo on my mind.


Hahaha! No problem! I didn’t want to to seem like I was throwing you under the bus or anything .

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