Replacing a cell phone

Do I have to do anything special to get a new cell phone to replace one on an existing plan?

for replacing a phone on an existing 4.0 legacy plan My Choice one must make sure the phone is compatible with by checking the supported phones list (also note one can only do this with a activated GSM SIM)

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Hi @timothys.odtrio,

To best help, we need a bit more information. As a starting point, what is the brand, model and generation of the phone you wish to replace?

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My son currently has a Moto E5 Play and I want to get him a new cell phone for Christmas. I currently have two Moto G Power and wanted to get him the same one, but it is out of stock. Is there a time frame for when they will be back in stock and from the link drm186 sent, it looks like the Moto G Power is compatible.

Your son’s Moto E5 play is provisioned with a GSM SIM that may indeed be moved to a new phone. Any phone on the list linked by @drm186 would be compatible with the SIM in your son’s Moto E5 Play.

If the Moto G Power is the phone you want to buy your son, I suggest buying it directly from Motorola:


My current Motorola G Power has 4 lenses on the top left corner on the back. 1 by itself and 3 underneath it vertically. The Motorola G Power you have in the store has 3 lenses together in the top left on the back. The link you sent above from Motorola has four lenses in a square in the center back. What is the difference between these? I don’t see a different version number associated with any of them. Thank you for all your help.

Do I have to order a different sim card or will the one from my current Moto E5 Play or Moto g Power work in the one from the Motorola web site? Thanks!

I believe you have the 2020 Moto G Power also still for sale at Motorola’s website linked here:

The earlier link from Motorola’s online store is for the 2021 Moto G Power.

As for the phone on Republic’s site, candidly, I have no idea. Both the graphics and color are different from anything I’ve seen before today. Perhaps, it’s a Republic exclusive variant?

You mentioned replacing a current phone on an existing plan. If you wish to keep the existing plan, you need to buy either the 2021 or 2020 Moto G Power from Motorola.

The phone being sold at Republic’s store is for new plans announced today.

Hi @timothys.odtrio,

Some additional research offers further clarity. The Moto G Power for sale at Republic’s online store is the 2022 Moto G Power. It would not be compatible with your son’s current plan or SIM. If you want to keep your son’s current plan, you need to move his SIM from his current phone to either of the two I linked at Motorola’s online store.

If you choose to buy the 2022 Moto G Power at Republic’s online store, it would ship with a SIM, however, a new plan would be attached:

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Thank you so much for all this information. I greatly appreciate it. You are amazingly thorough!! Thank you!!