Replacing a lost phone

My son lost his phone, and I ordered a new one through Republic wireless. When it arrives, will I be able to activate it as a replacement phone, keeping the same phone number, and hopefully recovering any lost text messages? Not sure how this works, and I’m hoping I haven’t ordered a whole new phone line.

Hi @michellew.55jzm2,

Apologies for the confusion! No longer is it needed to select replacement at purchase. This is now handled at activation.

Once your son receives his new phone he’ll start the activation process. He will be presented the opportunity to select “replace existing line”. He should see his phone number that needs to be replaced listed at this step. Continue through the activation process, then he’ll be all set! Detailed activation guidance here: Activate My Phone.

Regarding recovery of text messages, the answer is likely no but does depend on the model of the broken phone. Please let us know what that is?

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