Replacing a Moto G 3


Hello, I have had my Moto G3 for a few years now, and am on the Republic Refund 0.5GB plan.

My phone has been performing slower, the battery is draining faster, and texts are getting hung up whether sending and receiving. Now the screen is cracked.

It is probably time for a new phone.

I am not finding any Moto G3 phones on eBay or Swappa. Are they rare these days?

Is my only choice to go to the new plan of $15 per month plus $5 for 1 Gb of data?
What phone are you recommending for the new plan?

Thank you!



The phones are becoming harder to find as they are approaching the end of their lives and many are ending up in the trash rather than for sale. It is also why the ones for sale are at such obnoxious prices.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, this is a really hard deal to beat right now:



Thank you Louisdi! I am an Amazon Prime member. What do you have to do to make this compatible with Republic Wireless?



Can you share your ZIP code so we can look at coverage there and tell you the right way to get service for the phone?



Sure. 75013



Excellent. You can get the SIM you need with the phone from Amazon:



So just get the phone and the SIM from Amazon? How do you activate it with RW?



You open the Republic App on the phone, sign-in to your Republic account, and you’ll be given the option to move your number to the phone.



I see. So, just clarifying, once you put the SIM card in, does that bring up the RW app?



Download the Republic Wireless app from the Google Play Store

You will need to DL the RW app after signing into your Google account.




Here’s a link that has step-by-step instructions –

And this link might help too –

These documents helped us when we went from our old Moto G1’s (under old plan) to new G6’s. Good luck!



I hope I can also jump in and ask a question about this phone. I am a Republic member and my Moto G that I bought used and have had for a couple of years is very slow . . . to the point it is worthless when I’m trying to use Google maps when I’m driving. My zip code is 24018 so could I also buy this phone and get a sim card to make it work? Thanks!



Since there are several versions of the Moto G…can you please let us know which version of the Moto G you have…so we could provide better guidance.



It is a Moto G 1st generation, Android version 5.1. I hope this helps because it is all the info I could find in my account.



The Moto G1 works on CDMA (Sprint) and that is the best coverage for that zip code.
So coverage doesn’t appear to be the issue. It is perhaps an aging phone that is the cause of the issues that you are experiencing.

If you want to get the X4 from Amazon, you can do so, but you will need to request a CDMA SIM card from RW

The GSM SIM card from Amazon works on T-mobile and is likely not a good fit for your area.

There are big sales of the X4 and Amazon keeps moving around the pricing…so be sure to pick the optimal price option… if you are unsure… you can post the link here of the phone you picked and community members can help confirm if the phone will work with RW service.


#16 This is the one I saw that you had said earlier was a good replacement phone. Is this one that will work? Also, how do I make sure all of my apps, pics, etc. switch over to the new phone?



Hi @deborahm.7akg9l,

The phone you linked will work and the standard version for $10 more without the Amazon will too.

You will need to order the RW BYOP SIM card also. The phone needs to first be activated on GSM before the CDMA will work.â– â– â– â– s=wireless&sprefix=repub%2Cmobile%2C169&sr=1-1




That link is for the “renewed” or used phones.

The link above shared by @louisdi is for the brand new phones and those are slightly more expensive.
That’s where…if you click on the link it takes you to the Amazon Exclusive version of the phone (32GB) listed for 209.99 while the standard version is 166.99
That pricing is for today (Apr 19) and keeps changing on a daily basis.

For today…the lowest price phone that I see on Amazon is this link



Do you recommend the new over the renewed phones? Also, what’s the difference in what you called the standard phone and the other one on Amazon?



I think it is a matter of preference and level of comfort…the used phones are likely going to customer returns… Amazon verifies them as fully functional…but they don’t have a full history of what the customers did with the phones…to that end… and given that it only saves you a little bit… I would lean towards buying a new phone.

Standard version does not have all the pre-installed Amazon apps.
The Prime Exclusive version has pre-installed Amazon apps that cannot be removed. So they take up some memory. Otherwise the two versions function the same way.


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