Replacing a SIM



I accidentally destroyed my SIM, how do I go about getting a replacement from republic?

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I would work with Republic support to get a replacement, only they can supply a SIM for a legacy phone or a CDMA partner carrier


I cannot seem to find the link to open a help ticket, what’s the best way to do that?


Scroll down to the bottom of this page. This assumes you are using a computer. See the post below if trying to submit a support ticket from the Republic app.


Scroll down towards the bottom of the help center page until you see this picture:



It looks like you have an S8?

You can get a SIM card kit through Republic ( or through Amazon:

The SIM card kits are currently available free in the Republic online store, with free shipping via UPS Mail Innovations (note: if you need expedited shipping, you may instead wish to purchase a SIM card from Amazon for $5 and use their shipping).

This assumes that your phone is activated on the GSM network. If you purchased the phone elsewhere and then purchased a SIM card to activate it, it’s on the GSM network; if you purchased it from Republic, it could be on either the CDMA or GSM network (as noted above, only Republic staff can supply a CDMA SIM card).

Do you still have whatever might remain of the SIM card? If so, if you look at the lettering for the word “republic,” are all of the letters black/gray? Or, are some of the letters green? (If some are green, you have a GSM SIM card.)


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