Replacing Defy XT557 with another Defy XT557

Good afternoon,

How do I go about replacing my current Defy XT557 phone with another Defy XT557 phone. I already have a replacement phone that is from Republic Wireless, my original phone has been damaged but still working.



I don’t think you can activate any replacement Defy anymore. You can contact support, but it’s my understanding that when your Defy dies, your Defy plan dies too.

Sorry to say, you can’t. The Defy XT can no longer be activated on Republic Wireless.

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Republic Wireless BETA Phones

The Republic Wireless versions of the Motorola DEFY XT (557) and DEFY XT (557D) are the only phones that are supported on the Republic BETA plan.* The LG Optimus S is no longer supported.

*Only currently active DEFY XT’s are supported. Once deactivated, these phones can’t be reactivated.

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