Replacing Moto 5g+

Thinking of replacing my moto 5g+. Mid priced is all I need. Was looking at Samsung A52g. But, RW shows not fully compatible? I know this has been asked many times, but give me some suggestions. What’s hot and what’s not. Don’t do gaming or movies. Email, texts, bluetooth, things like ring and alexa.

Samsung’s Galaxy A52 5G is fully compatible with Republic service. It is not compatible with Republic’s CDMA SIM. Please allow me to provide some context on that.

Republic phones are provisioned for cellular coverage with one of two cellular networks. One network is GSM (T-Mobile). The other network is CDMA (legacy Sprint network). T-Mobile now owns both networks resulting from its acquisition of Sprint, however, at this time the networks remain separate.

Lack of compatibility with CDMA (legacy Sprint) network coverage may or may not be an issue for you. To further help with that, we would need to know which Republic SIM your Moto G5 Plus is provisioned with (GSM or CDMA). Here’s how to find out and let us know:

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It shows GSM. In case the other type is needed in the future don’t want to lock myself out? Are there better ideas for a phone?

Hi @toddl.67uhcl,

The Sprint CDMA network is being gradually shut down by T-Mobile. Buying the Samsung A52 will not put you in a bind in the future, any more than any of the other phones we currently sell.

We’ve recently seen @bocephous mention that he’s very happy with his new Motorola One 5G Ace.

The Moto G Power series is also popular because of its long battery life.

Do you need NFC for tap-to-pay?


Thank you good to hear from you again over these many years. Not sure about tap and pay. Would that be like the credit card where you touch instead of swipe?
You probably do not remember but about a year ago upgraded my wife’s phone and at the time the moto stylus. But the pixel was recommended at that time. Was thinking there now might be better wifi connectivity with another brand?

No brand has reception differences that are meaningful over another. All of the phones that are currently sold and Republic compatible support the same cellular bands and provide the same coverage on those bands. In the short term (likely no more than 6-9 months more) if you’re in an area where the legacy Sprint network is much stronger than the T-Mobile network, there may be a short-term advantage to the devices that support that network (CDMA). But that’s a short-term situation.

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What is NFC or tap-to-pay? Thanks

Please note while this article only mentions the moto Z4, it applies to some other phone models as well.

Got it, thanks. That would be nice to have. While considering the one ace see you sell yours with 64 gb while I see others selling with 128gb? Also looking at many reviews from other sites really seems to be just average with some glitches? Everyone seems to be asking about Android 11 installed yet? Important? Also noticed with my wife’s moto stylus the fingerprint reader is on the back but it cannot be used with the plastic case as the finger opening is too small to read the finger print, only works if you push hard and long through the holder hole on the phone reader. In the past talked with moto support and all they could say is don’t use a protective case. Thanks to all more feedback is needed.

Something seems odd with your case. I have no issues accessing my rear fingerprint reader on my G Power - with case.

Moto’s response is bogus.

I agree. That is to say, there are bad cases out there. Cases that cover mic holes and cause echos. Cases where the fingerprint sensor hole isn’t big enough. Cases where you can’t push the buttons, or they keep a button inappropriately depressed.

On the other hand, there are great cases out there. I would look for something from one of the major brands like Spiegen, Poetic, Otterbox, Speck or Ringke. Any of these should have the cut-out done correctly, likely with a sloping bottom to allow for proper finger positioning on the sensor. The image below shows what a good cutout on a Poetic case looks like.

Thanks not a big deal. But, that is the only answer they could come up with, and it was past by about a week to exchange it?

This case looks like the hole is just a bit more oblong and thinner, will give one a try.

The speigen case is what my wife has now and the finger print reader does not work, can try another manufacturer. Thanks

I assume she’s done the step of readding the same finger print in again, with the case on? If the fingerprint was originally added before the case was on the change of angle can cause it not to be recognized.

Have done that a few times, and tried my prints a couple times. If you push with some pressure on the third or fourth try it may work. I can try a different case but not a major issue. When using things like Ring, Insteon, and computer builds I will call different manufacturers to see who picks up the phone and how knowledgeable the company is. I have tried calling Motorola over the years, as we have had Moto phones for around ten years, and always come up not really helped.
That is why am thinking of a different brand this time around? Thanks for all of your time!!

Hi @toddl.67uhcl,

I’ve been trying to take some time away from work this weekend. I see @SuperT sent you an answer about NFC.

Please know that @SuperT, like most of our Community members, is not a Republic Wireless staff member.

I’m not exactly sure what the question is here. You’re correct on these specs.

I wonder if you can find any phone that doesn’t have reviews somewhere indicating that there are glitches. Is there a specific common thread to those glitches, or just various people writing about various things?

That is a personal call. Is having the latest Android version important to you? is there some feature in Android 11 that you’re eager to get?

For the Moto G Stylus (2020 version) the Community Treasure Chest has a few of the Otterbox Commuter case available from overstock inventory. Would your wife like to try that case as our gift?

Hope you enjoyed your time away.
I really don’t follow cell phones much, only when I need to, so I don’t know anything about Android 10 or 11? Just many see it as a negative point?
In your phones for sale it shows 64 gb?
And yes would like to try the case. Thank you
Every year or two the two of us do this when we need a new phone.

This time not planning to move away from RW, just want a phone that will be good for two or three years.

If you send the case it is for a 2020 model. Thanks

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