Replacing Moto E2 with G3

I have a refurbished Moto G3 (xt1548). I would like to activate it as replacement for existing E2. Both phones use the same SIM. Can I move the SIM from the E2 to the G3? Or do i need to get a new SIM for the G3 before switching service from the E2 to the G3?

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Short answer, no.

The G3 has to be the Republic model and not the unlocked version. If it is the Republic version it should have come with a SIM card inside the phone already. The legacy phones SIM card should not be removed from the phone.

If you have the Republic version of the G3 and it has no sim card you will need to open a ticket.

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I haven’t actually received the G3 yet, but it is supposed to be a model XT1548. Is that not the RW special sauce model of the Moto G3?

The XT1548 is a shared model number with the unlocked version as far as I can tell.

Yes. there is the Unlocked stock Moto G3 .
This does not have the R.W. exclusive custom rom on it.
That model will not work with R.W. 2.0 plans.
If you are buying a used “Legacy” model device, you must be certain it is listed as the Republic Wireless model.
If that is not stipulated, then it is is going to be the normal unlocked version.

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