Replacing Moto G 1st gen with M G 1st Gen - do I lose contact info, voicemail?

I want to keep my same plan, phone number. I joined in 2015 with Moto G 1st generation. I have a new to me Republic Moto G 1st Gen phone & need instructions on how to make the switch. Also, will I lose contact names, voicemail, etc transferring to new phone? Thanks. Greg


You won’t have to insert any SIM card, since the original Moto G doesn’t use a SIM card. Contacts associated with your Google account will automatically import. Voicemail is server based, so it should be available by dialing into voicemail. You’ll probably want to switch the messaging app to Messages by Google, since the messaging app pre-installed on the original Moto G is no longer supported. You also may want to review this recent article:

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