Replacing Moto G4 with Moto X4 questions

I will be replacing my Moto G4 with a new Moto X4.
Should I move the SIM from the G4 to the X4 or use the new Republic Wireless SIM that came with the X4?
DO NOT want my phone number to change.
I’ve saved all my pictures to my computer and synced my contacts with my gmail account.
Will saved voicemails on the G4 be available on the X4?
I be signing in on the new phone with the same account that I used previously.
Thanks in advance.
Regards, JJ Arnoult

I still think the best practice is to use the SIM that come with the Phone when ordering from Republic (Republic coverage checker should put the phone on the best partner (CDMA {Sprint} or GSM {T-Mobile})

Only if the SIM is GSM then you may just move the SIM to the new Phone (as swapping phones by swapping SIMs is a GSM feature)
If the G4 is still working yoyu can find out the SIM type in the following link

If the G4 is not working you can look at the SIM

Voicemails should automatically be moved to the new phone when activated as a line replacement(upgrade)

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