Replacing Moto G4 with unlocked Moto G7 purchased from Motorola

Hi All,

We are purchasing a new, unlocked Moto G7 direct from Motorola to replace our old Moto G4 which we purchased from Republic Wireless years ago. Can we just transfer the Sim card to begin using the new phone, it is there more to it? Thanks!

Hi @patriciam.bgystb,

You may or may not be able to move the SIM from your Moto G4 to a new Moto G7. To find out:

Please let us know if you see GSM or CDMA as the SIM type and we’ll go from there.

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Hi, @rolandh
SIM type is GSM

Hi @patriciam.bgystb,

You may indeed move service by moving the G4’s SIM to a future Republic compatible Moto G7. A Moto G7 purchased from Motorola’s U.S. website is Republic compatible.

Once past initial setup on the new phone (follow on screen prompts for that), move the SIM. Next, be certain Republic’s mobile app is installed and/or updated on the G7. Finally, open Republic’s app on the G7. Doing so will present a brief activation sequence that moves service from the G4 to the G7.

One additional note is that you’ll need to punch out the smaller nano size SIM from the micro size frame in your G4:


Thank you, very much. We are purchasing the phone through Motorola. :grin:


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