Replacing Moto X (2nd Gen)


My Moto X (2nd Gen) is limping along, dies when I go to take a pic. Can hardly use it unless it’s plugged in. I was looking at replacing it with the Moto X4, but Motorola has it on sale for $299 and RW is $399. If I buy it from Motorola and want to keep my same phone #, how do I swap it out and why don’t you match that price?


Republic does not match pricing, but yes, you can purchase the phone from Moto and use it here. You’ll need to get a SIM card which you can do so here: Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless The activation process will allow you to transfer your number.


Also be aware that you would be switching plans and partner carrier.

The new phones require the 4.0 My Choice Plan where its $15 base cost pluss $5 per 1Gb.
These use GSM Tmobile partner.
(the old “Legacy” phones can only use the 2.0 Refund Legacy plan which is CDMA Sprint partner)
But on some of the newer phones, if the GSM coverage is poor in your area, u can request a CDMA SIM from R.W.


You know what, @sharig, two of the Moto X 2nd Gens in my household are doing that exact same thing. I wonder if some recent camera app update is causing it.

We typically don’t match prices because we don’t have the buying power that large retailers and the manufacturers themselves have. Since you can buy a compatible phone from Motorola or another retailer and use it with our service, you can easily take advantage of the bargain price you’ve found.


I still have not bought the new phone and just saw your response. so basically it looks like it’s $20 a month. When I first started I didn’t get charged all of the taxes that I do now. Do you know what happened to now get billed about $9 a month for taxes? And, is there a new phone that is not on GSM?


The My Choice Plan is $15 for Unlimted Talk/Text/Wifi Data and $5 per 1GB of Mobile Data. So yes, $20 for the cheapest plan with data.

Taxes will vary depending on what state you are in. For me, they equate to $3.44

All supported phones for the current plan can be found here:Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

BYOP phones must first activate on GSM, but many of them can be switched over to CDMA (The old Legacy phones, like your Moto X 2nd gen are on CDMA Sprint)
A list of the current model phones that support CDMA is here:


My phone crashes so often I have to get a new one. Motorola has a sale again on the Moto X4. I think today is the day. It was nice to get a refund of $11.49, my phone is so bad. Is there anything I need to know or request when I buy this Moto X4 from Motorola? Do you know if I can use my same screen protector and case from my Moto X2? And if I want to use my old Moto X2 for other things like perhaps just music, can I still keep it on WiFi only? Any advice. Sorry I am asking again, I didn’t take action before. If I keep it on GSM then I don’t need a new SIM card, is that correct? If it doesn’t work as well then I can get a new SIM card for CDMA?


Nothing I can think of.

No, the Moto X4 would require a different screen protector and case.

Sure, there’s no need to have a plan from Republic Wireless to simply use the phone for non-calling/messaging functions while on Wi-Fi.

No, you definitely need to purchase a SIM card.

Certainly, just submit a help ticket if necessary.


Which SIM Card? Are there different ones?


There is only one SIM card available for purchase from Republic Wireless.


I thought someone gave me a link to a free SIM card before, but I cannot find it. How can I get one for $0.00? And I also saw Moto X4 on Ebay. Do you know if those products on Ebay are ok? I don’t know how they get them and can sell them for less than Motorola. And lastly, I think, is it worth it to get the protection? Thank you!


Republic has had Free SIM promotions in the past but they do not have this currently


They might be, they might not be. So no, I don’t know if they’re OK. I’ve purchased phones there, but you have to be very careful. I’m not aware of any carrier versions of the Moto X4 that may have been converted, but there are international versions that won’t work with Republic Wireless.

I never think so, but others may have differing opinions. Usually when you add the cost of the coverage to the deductible to replace/repair the phone, it’s not much different than paying out of pocket to have a screen replaced one time. You’ll have to ask yourself whether it’s worth buying insurance for an item that costs ~$300. For me it’s not.


Thank you, I appreciate your feedback. :grinning:


I have more questions if you can help with this. Republic doesn’t have a screen protector for Moto X4. And do you now if the Ventev Dashport r1240 vehicle charger will work in a standard cigarette lighter port in the car? I have a 2010 Saturn Vue, not a new one with all the USB ports or whatever they have.

this will fit into the standard 12V cigarette port


I was all set on purchasing the Moto X4, but I kept procrastinating saying, I’ll do it tomorrow. Well now I go to buy it and it went up in price to $349, it had been on sale for $299. Less on eBay, but I’m concerned if it would work with RW. I then saw some comments in their forum about the battery life and not charging, recent posts from August. So I am wondering how I might be able to query RW Moto X4 customers to get some feedback on how they like the X4 any issues, etc. Do you know of any? Do I create a new post with this topic?


Every phone has issues, including the Moto X2 you currently have (I have one too.). It’s all down to the luck of the draw.


the only real complaint I here on the Moto X4 was that an SD card could not be used as internal storage due to the type of Internal Storage chosen by Motorola
I believe @bocephous or @Joystew have an Moto X4 perhaps they can give you a review (they had it for awhile now)


I don’t want to invest in a new one that has charging issues as that is what is happening now. I have to leave it plugged in all the time or when I leave put it on battery saver. So if people are having this issue with the X4 I would like to know and not find out myself.