Replacing Moto X gen1 with newer phone - move the SIM?


I have a Moto x p30 using republic $10/mo plan.

If I purchase a Galaxy s7 can I simply swap sim card to make it work?



No, the SIM card in the Moto X must stay with it even if you sell it or give it away. If you purchase an S7 from RW it will come with a SIM card. If you purchase it elsewhere you will need to purchase a SIM for it from RW or Amazon.

Replacing the Moto X with the S7 is easy. Just follow the screen prompts to login to your RW account and take the replacement option when it appears. The number will transfer from the Moto X to the S7 and the Moto X will be deactivated.

If you plan to sell or give away the Moto X be sure to remove any screen lock before you factory reset it.


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