Replacing my Moto G (1st Gen!)

I’m using a first-gen Moto G. Android 5.1 was the last update for the phone - which puts me about half a dozen major releases behind. I’m looking for a new phone (could be used) that is:

Relatively inexpensive
Relatively small
Up-to-date on operating systems
Appreciably faster than what I have now (basic functions like changing apps is SLO-O-O-W!)

All of the phones I’ve checked on RW seem to have unacceptably large form factors. I do NOT want a big screen. I want something that fits easily in my pocket - roughly the size of my current phone (129.9 mmx 65.9 mm phone size with a 4.5" diagonal screen).

I don’t care if the phone lacks features like auto-pay capability, 5G, bazillion megapixel display, stereo sound or an ultra-high resolution camera. I’m not looking for mobile entertainment - and only rarely use any data other than through WI-FI.

I’m looking for a faster phone that’s not oversized that’s still receiving OS updates. I don’t “live” on my phone and often go DAYS (gasp!) without using it. I like being able to run apps and make phone calls and it’s nice to have a minimal camera available - but I don’t watch movies on my phone, and am not particularly concerned with network speed (I have a computer for those).



Hi @kurta, :slight_smile:

You’re right about newer phones increasing in size. That’s been happening for years. Which leaves you (and us in the Community), with a conundrum. :thinking:

In order to meet your requirements for an up-to-date phone, the screen size is going to have be bigger.
The best I can suggest is a Pixel 3a which is still getting security updates and is on the latest OS. It has a 5.6 screen size.
(See Detailed phone features)

Hope this helps!
Let’s see if others in the Community have thoughts. :thinking:

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