Replacing my Moto G (1st Gen!)

I’m using a first-gen Moto G. Android 5.1 was the last update for the phone - which puts me about half a dozen major releases behind. I’m looking for a new phone (could be used) that is:

Relatively inexpensive
Relatively small
Up-to-date on operating systems
Appreciably faster than what I have now (basic functions like changing apps is SLO-O-O-W!)

All of the phones I’ve checked on RW seem to have unacceptably large form factors. I do NOT want a big screen. I want something that fits easily in my pocket - roughly the size of my current phone (129.9 mmx 65.9 mm phone size with a 4.5" diagonal screen).

I don’t care if the phone lacks features like auto-pay capability, 5G, bazillion megapixel display, stereo sound or an ultra-high resolution camera. I’m not looking for mobile entertainment - and only rarely use any data other than through WI-FI.

I’m looking for a faster phone that’s not oversized that’s still receiving OS updates. I don’t “live” on my phone and often go DAYS (gasp!) without using it. I like being able to run apps and make phone calls and it’s nice to have a minimal camera available - but I don’t watch movies on my phone, and am not particularly concerned with network speed (I have a computer for those).



Hi @kurta, :slight_smile:

You’re right about newer phones increasing in size. That’s been happening for years. Which leaves you (and us in the Community), with a conundrum. :thinking:

In order to meet your requirements for an up-to-date phone, the screen size is going to have be bigger.
The best I can suggest is a Pixel 3a which is still getting security updates and is on the latest OS. It has a 5.6 screen size.
(See Detailed phone features)

Hope this helps!
Let’s see if others in the Community have thoughts. :thinking:

Just like you I think the Moto G (first gen) is the perfect size for use as primarily a phone. It fits in a shirt pocket with the flap buttoned. Whenever anyone else holds it they agree that its more comfortable in their hand than any phone they’ve ever had. I use the “grip shell” on mine that has a rubber edge protector which has saved it from a few drops each year.

I found a work around that’s not perfect but you may want to give it a try. I bought a Moto G (model XT1045) that’s not compatible on RW but has a sim slot and is 4g LTE enabled from ebay and in the listing it advertised a phone plan from Tracphone for $49.99 that gave me 1 year of service with 1200 minutes, 1200 texts, and 3 GB of data. Transfer your current phone number to this Moto G (XT1045) phone and I put in the Tracphone sim card for AT&T towers.

I also bought a newer Android 10 RW compatible phone that was highly rated for having strong reception and got a new RW number for it. This second phone is bigger than I want to carry in a pocket or even comfortable to hold. I don’t give out the number, talk or text on it, but use it for data, as a hot spot, and when in a holder on the windshield for navigation.

An even smaller option I considered is the Palm PVG100 smartphone that has the advantage of running on Android 8.1 instead of the Moto G that only has Android 5.1. The Tracphone plan is also advertised on the listing page and you would set it up the same way. It just seamed too small to enter contacts or read texts on the screen so i went with the Moto G (XT1045).

An advantage is that for $50.00 extra a year I have 2 different carriers coverage areas in an emergency. The down sides are if 1200 minutes or 1200 texts aren’t enough for you then it won’t work for you without adding more minutes or texts to the Tracphone plan. It also took quite a few calls to Tracphone customer “dis-service” to get started.

Hope you are happy with whatever you decide to do and I realize my Moto g will eventually not work on any carrier.

I find it hard to believe that there are so few people wanting a smaller phone that no manufacturer exists. I use my phone as a phone - and use a number of apps for various things - but I basically use nearly zero data, and I rarely send text messages. For any sort of internet access, I use my computer. The keyboard lets me touch-type, which is something I’d never try on a phone.
I may have to look into a Trac phone to replace my RW phone, though 1200 minutes a year is probably less than I’d need. Haven’t tallied all my phone call durations for a year - but maybe there’s an alternative there. However, if there comes a day when RW decides not to support the Moto G phones, one thing I WON’T be doing is opting for a larger phone. If I wanted something that big, I’d lug a tablet around.

I see people with their huge phones and their faces practically glued to the glass. That will never be me. :grinning:

Thanks for your suggestions!

Yep - Moto G is the ticket.

When the air goes out of CDMA I’ll be stuck with finding internet connection … sounds like going down to the telephone box at the end of the street when I was a marginally younger.

…I’d forgotten all about that.

The reason I had to give up my Moto G on RW is that it used to “roam” on Verizon for voice service but that went away when Verizon deactivated 3g and most of my area isn’t covered by Sprint. My options were to leave RW or use a bigger phone on RW’s T-Mobile service. Having an obsolete android version does bother me a little but since I only talk and text on my Moto G (xt1045) no hacker can access my e-mail or PayPal accounts.

You can buy add on minute, text, and/or data plans on ebay at any time as needed. Since I have chosen to still have a separate phone on a RW plan I can use it as a hot spot if I run out of the Tracphone plan minutes.

I call them “smartphone zombies”.

The Moto g (XT1045) is a GSM phone and should work on any of the GSM carriers and their various MVNO sub carriers. (ie: Cricket wireless, Mint mobile, Metro PCS, etc.). The Palm PVG100 only works on Verizion as a “secondary” phone (a small phone that shares the same phone number as your big phone) or as a regular phone on T-Mobile and sub carriers that use its service. Unfortunately RW is structured so uniquely that it only accepts certain models of phones, not all GSM phones so neither of these phones will work on RW. My guess is that soon any phone that lacks voice over LTE will become obsolete on GSM carriers like it already is on Verizon.

Back in 2014 RW ran on the Sprint network so they sold the the Moto G XT 1031 which is a CDMA only version of the G.

" The original Moto G did not support [LTE], due to the standard’s lack of adoption in emerging markets. On 13 May 2014, Motorola unveiled an updated variant of the phone, the Moto G LTE, which added LTE support" … which is how I got into RW, - they were selling off the old Moto G’s cheap.

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