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I currently have a Moto G3 on the refund plan. I have Sprint service (I am not tech savy so don’t know the letter designations for providers, ie cdgi or whatever, and don’t want to be become tech savvy so will write in the only language I know ). My power button is acting up and I am thinking I need to replace, which of course will put me on the newer plan. My son has the new plan and is on t mobile service. I can’t use that service, as he does not get the coverage I need in my fire district. The Sprint works fine. I want to upgrade to a Moto X4 or Moto G6. I recall reading that some phones can be programmed or whatever the word is to be used on the Sprint service, depending on some card or something you order. Are either of these phones available for the Sprint service? How would I do that? Also, I have an SD card in my Moto G3. Can I stick it into either of those phones? BTW Does the power button sitting lower in the phone than the toggle buttons, and the power button sometimes in dampness shutting down the phone automatically while it tells me my phone is out of battery even though it has 70% sound catastrophic? I like the G3 as the battery lasts two days, and will order either of the above based on feedback on which has the better battery. I don’t want or need a lot of apps, just use my phone for calls, text, email, a little wi fi data, and fire service notifications. Simply put, I’d like what I have on the same network, no frills, just a solid phone and I like Motos cause mine holds up after falling out of fire truck often. Thank you.

Hi @pjp.fn5bo6!

Both the phones you are interested in are compatible with Republic service on Sprint’s network. You can check here: What Phones Are Compatible with CDMA Service? – Republic Help . Just make sure they are the right model and you will be good to go. As far as making sure you get Sprint, see this guide: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help . You will have to first buy a phone and SIM card and then open a help ticket and ask to be moved to Sprint. In addition to the phones you are considering, I would also recommend the Moto Z Play. It has superb battery life. I hope that helps!

If you purchase the new phone from Republic, it will come with the SIM card (the internal card that determines the carrier) that your Zipcode shows will give you the best coverage. This should be Sprint which you’re on now, but if the system sends you T-Mobile, then the request/Ticket route that @mb2x suggested will get you the CDMA (Sprint) SIM

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Hi @pjp.fn5bo6,

You asked a lot of questions in a dense wall of words! I’m going to see if I can find and answer the rest of the questions that haven’t been addressed yet.

Yes. What are you hoping to accomplish by doing so? (Let’s make sure your expectation match reality.)

I’m not really sure what you are asking there.

Let us know what you pick, and let’s see if we can help you get a durable case for it.

Thank you keeping an eye on the responses and making sure you filled the gaps in the answers. I just wondered if I can put that SD card in so that I can I easily switch the images I have on it and use it as extra memory. If that makes sense. Frankly though, I’m second guessing upgrading. The phone shuts down only rarely and the answers I got make me nervous–basically order the phone and if it’s not Sprint contact Republic and start a help ticket. From too many bad experiences with other products I fear that means I’ll get all set up, put in a help ticket and live a month of hassles. Too risky, and I don’t know what to do. But thank you.

Here’s how to make sure you get a CDMA SIM card.

Go to: 4G LTE + WiFi for the Best Cell Phone Coverage | Republic Wireless
There set your ZIP code to 50010, hit the arrow to the right of the ZIP code and you should see “We’ve got you covered in Ames, IA”. When you see that, hit the “Next, Shop” button below there. Purchase the phone from that page and you should get a CDMA configured phone.

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