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So, I have been having issues with my nexus 6p since I have gotten it. Battery issues has been the main concern like everyone else has been complaining about and now after a year I finally decided to go back to my Motorola E 2nd Gen I still had and I am back on the refund plan (Don’t know how that happen when I put I was going to continue paying the $40 a month I do pay for republic wireless).

As I was going through the Android subreddit on Reddit, I saw that google is replacing defective Nexus 6ps with the PIxel XL. Now the article in question says you have had to buy it through google, but I have seen some people have luck who have not bought there’s from google get there Pixel XL for switching it with the Nexus 6P.

I bought mine through wireless republic, so basically i am wanting to know if anyone on wireless republic had any luck switching in there Nexus6p or is there some kind of thing i can do for wireless republic to switch my phone out with another phone because i am just basically tired of dealing with this phone’s issues.

Edit: Another issue I just thought about is when I make a phone call, it echo’s on the other end for them rather its on speaker or not.


Google is offering Pixel XL as replacement to eligible Nexus 6P owners

Hi @dabreunc!

I am not familiar with that trade in program. However, I would think that people getting it replaced even though they bought it elsewhere is an exception rather than the norm. That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t try it. You may want to call in and see what Google/Huawei will do.




It was just posted yesterday. Posted the link so you can have a look at it. And yeah I will try. I also sent a help ticket to see if wireless republic also offers some switch or even replacement. I am just so tired

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Would we be able to get replacements if we bought the phone from RW?



It appears that Google is doing this strictly for phones purchased from them.

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Well I was also seeing if anyone from RW had any luck. I read people who bought the 6p from Amazon that had issues was able to get there phone replaced. Thought I would have some luck from people who bought the 6p from RW like I did would be able to accomplish the same thing. I talked to an RW Expert and it looks like this is my only choice to get a replacement phone since RW won’t replace my 6p no more since its been over a year.



You may want to open a help ticket to see if any other options are available.



Our normal warranty policy applies to this situation, I’m afraid.



I did, That’s why I know the RW won’t replace my 6p no more since its been a year. An expert told me that information. He said I was basically SOL from the RW Side of things. Which is a bummer but I get it.



Yeah the RW Expert told me that already I can’t exchange since its been a year. I am pretty much sol in terms of that. Which sucks but I get it. I was just trying to stick it out for as long as I could with it.



I don’t know where my son bought his Nexus 6p but he did tell me that Google is replacing his phone with a Pixel XL. He was surprised how easily the process went through and that he didn’t have to provide any documentation. Of course, they may have had a record of his purchase. He spoke to Google last week, got his new phone Monday (3 days ago). Since Google will announce their next gen phone on Oct 4, maybe they have a lot of Pixel XLs lying around. Good luck.

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I wish I knew about this last week. I called goggle today and they had me on hold for an hour so that tells me that everyone knows about this now. Going to try again later on tonight. Thank you so much for the good luck.



Some links for info for those inquiring about Nexus 6P replacements

  1. Nexus Help Forum
  2. Nexus Help provides the following links
  • If you’re experiencing battery drain issues, you can try troubleshooting Here
  • If you didn’t buy your Nexus 6P from us, please contact Huawei.
  • If you bought from Project Fi, please visit the Project Fi Help Center.
  • If you bought from Google Store, please visit our Hardware Warranty Center.
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Did you purchase this phone with a credit card? If so, could I have the exact name of the card (i.e. Discover IT card).



Thank you so much for assist Jben. Will be doing my best to get an exchange.


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