Replacing phone questions


Hi all,

So, I have a Moto X 2nd gen on the reimbursement plan. It is not working anymore (mostly because of a really bad drop a while ago), and I just purchased the same phone on Swappa (it’s on the way).

So, I believe that all I have to do is activate the new phone and chose to keep my number, and I will keep the same plan.

This is correct, right?

My question is, does it make a difference whether I put my old SIM card in the new (used) phone, or keep that SIM card in it? It will come with a SIM card in it.

Also, which information can I get off of my old phone, and which information can I not get? It is not usable currently.


Yes, you can activate the new phone as a replacement to your old phone. Be sure to login with the same RW credentials as your old phone.

You cannot transfer the SIM to the new phone. Ideally the phone should come with its own SIM. If not, please submit a help ticket and RW will send you a new SIM. The SIM is only required to access 4G/LTE data. You can still activate and use your new phone even if it doesn’t come with its original SIM.

As for transferring data…if your old phone was sync-ed to Google
You can restore your contacts by using the google account and sync-ing your new phone.
Similarly, if you created backup of photos and videos…then you can use Google Photos to restore them to your new phone.


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