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Novice question here:

If someone emails me and I receive it as an SMS and I reply, does the reply go to the other person’s email?


Not with Republic as Republic only has a Email to SMS and not a SMS to Email server

other provider would work this way

edit to remove the official response as it was not official


Would you be kind enough to point me to Republic’s official stance? Seems I’ve missed it.


I went on memory the main one countering every use case was Southpaw I I gotten used to her has a employee but looking back now I see she was still an ambassador

the only thing that I can see that make it official is that after 21 months it still not supported

My option on this has not changed Republic still has a half of a feature and one that so poorly done it doesn’t work half the time (the need to have simple text is annoying {every one has email set to HTML at this point), it has never work from my work email no matter settings)

SMS to Email from think tank


I’m not asking you to change your opinion. I respectfully disagree with stating something is Republic’s official position without references.

My apologies as I didn’t note you had edited your initial response before replying.


Email to SMS is meant to be an alert mechanism. It is already very complicated and difficult to make work reliably. Adding outbound SMS to email would vastly complicate the service. SMS an email are already intrinsically incompatible. Being an alert platform is one thing being a two-way email platform is another thing.


I think this is the official response

I still disagree this is still just half a feature (one I use all the time with my wife who does check email very often and would not think of opening a different app to reply (and I’m in a no cell zone at work)


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