Replying to closed tickets - no longer supported


FYI, no longer true with the move of tickets to the My Account portal. The request from support, if one’s ticket is closed, is to open a new one and reference the closed ticket in the new ticket. Perhaps, too many folks were re-opening tickets for unrelated problems? Anyway not correcting, merely informing.

Question about How Service Tickets Work
New Moto e4 won't talk to Google Wifi
New Moto e4 won't talk to Google Wifi

Thanks! I hadn’t noticed this move. I wonder if one can reopen a ticket by replying to the last message in their Gmail account. That’s how I’ve done it in the past.


I’ve moved this thread to its own topic so the conversation in its original thread is not derailed.

No. This will result in a ticket being opened then automatically closed.

We were seeing too many unrelated questions being asked within old tickets. Too often this would mean that a new, urgent issue was being assigned to a non-urgent support queue, based on the queue the original ticket was in. It also made tracking new bugs less efficient.


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While we are discussing tickets I’ll mention that it would be nice to have an FYI ticket category that concentrates on cause instead of just the problem and solution.

For example, sometimes a phone works perfectly and then, suddenly, quits being able to make calls. Those of us who have been with RW for a long time know that if we VOIP the phone it will start working again. It strikes me that in the larger scheme it is important to RW to know what we did that caused the phone to quit making calls even if we have solved the problem.

Presently I include language in the description indicating I’m just trying to tell RW what transpired but never-the-less RW dives into the problem solving mode instead of investigating the potential cause.


90% or higher reopened tickets were completely new issues. It was getting crazy and giving support no information. This was a drain on efficiency and had a much higher bad satisfaction rating as we tried to figure out the real purpose of the ticket.

Question about How Service Tickets Work

@southpaw, @seanr,


The option to add a response is still shown as an option on closed threads. The submit you response is still active but the response isn’t added as the Latest Comment. IOW a member could be fooled into thinking their response was sent.

One of these days y’all may want to change it.