Reporting that a cell tower is down

I have a CDMA SIM and it seems that my local Sprint tower has been down all weekend. I can still roam on Verizon just fine for calls and texts, but no data. Is there a way that a MVNO customer can report that a tower is down to Sprint?

Hi @revmra

Yes there is.

I would guess if you don’t mind posting your zip code, someone will check for you via WiFi.


As it happens, not long after I posted, the tower came back. At least I have an idea of someplace to look in the future.

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I don’t know if this is still true but in RW’s early days they had the ability to interrogate Sprint towers and open tickets with Sprint if a tower was down. To get that done one needed to open a service ticket and report their precise address so RW could interrogate the tower(s) that served that address.


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