Republic 1 vs Republic 2 plans


I have a Moto X1 with a Republic 1.0 plan which gives me 5 GB of 3G data/month of which I use typically use 0.75-0.9, I am quite happy except occasionally finding myself out of range for cell data. Does the Republic 2.0 plan have better coverage ? Will the the Republic 2.0 plan give my phone 4G data?


2.0 has same coverage as 1.0, [both are using the CDMA partner Sprint]
2.0 does include 4G LTE [3G is everywhere 4G is but 4G is not everywhere 3G is]
For usage of just under 1GB the cost would be about the same as the 1.0 3G plan on the 2.0 plan [cheaper as all unused data is refunded and most states do not 4ax data]


The Republic 2.0 plan includes access to roaming cellular data, where the 1.0 plan does not. Using 1 MB of data while roaming will consume 18.3 MB of metered data (so it’s something to use sparingly, rather than relying on it for regular use). The Republic 2.0 plan includes 4G LTE data (though you may not always be able to access 4G LTE while roaming).

From Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund – Republic Help

Can I still use roaming cellular data on the Republic Wireless Plans 2.0?

Yes. When you’re in a roaming area, it will come out of your overall cellular data amount. Keep in mind that roaming cellular data is applied towards your cellular data amount at a faster pace (1 MB of roaming cellular data equals 18.3 MB of native cellular data). With the new version of the app, we’ve added notifications to let you know when you’re in a roaming area and the ability to turn roaming cellular data completely off. Roaming cellular data is turned off by default in the app for Republic Wireless Plans 2.0.


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