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Twice now I have tried to connect to 911 while away from home and could not connect on my Moto X. This is surely frustrating as a 911 call already has a person upset.



Open a support ticket and request the 911 be reset for your phone. You are paying for it.

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Hi @jeffk.60xyfa ,

Please do submit a support ticket. This is something our support team needs to look into for you.


I also have a Moto X (1st generation). A week ago I called 911, twice, after I came across a dead man in the park. I could hear the 911 operators, but they could not hear me. I was able to send a text message to somebody else at the same time.

I opened a help ticket, and I was advised to reset my cellular settings, refresh the Republic Wireless Activation, and clear the system cache on my Moto X. I’ll include the links to how to do these 3 things below. But all these solutions seem like guesswork to me; there was no investigation or hard evidence about why the 911 calls failed. My ticket was closed fairly quickly, and the response didn’t exactly satisfy my desire to know whether I can count on Republic Wireless when I need to call 911.

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We do not step between the underlying cellular partner’s network and 911 calls so chances are if you were on the underlying carrier or another MVNO (partner of theirs) the problem would have still occurred. Support could not tell you much in the ticket, because we are not a part of the 911 call path on cellular calls. We mostly request a ticket so we can alert the underlying carrier and make sure they review their tower logs and coverage to figure out what happened.