Republic and Directly Detail Video

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Not sure if this was already posted, but I never knew about this until now.

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This is pretty old. @kashley has moved on and Solavei doesn’t exist anymore.

So Republic already posted this and the payment system is no longer in effect?

I personally can’t find any info about the experts being Directly employees or being paid. So hopefully they got rid of this system.

I can’t recall, it’s been so long. What would it matter? Nobody gets paid for posting on this community. Why do you keep opening new accounts? Nevermind. Bye.

Hi @wesleyh.bbvdh3,

Our documentation on our Expert program is here:

The basics have not changed since it was launched.

It is a very successful program and there’s no reason to think we have already or plan to do away with it. What are your concerns about the program?

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So are the experts and ambassadors who answer our questions in Help and who actively participate in this forum compensated for their service?

I don’t see anything in your link that says anything about that and I think that is an important detail.

Maybe others don’t, but I do.

Your post is very rude and I would appreciate a little common decency.

There are two programs, Experts and Ambassadors.

The Ambassadors are not compensated for helping out here.

The Experts are free lance agents working for Directly, the company whose video you shared. We contract with Directly to provide a platform and maintain a corps of Experts who can help our members. Directly compensates the Experts for their work.

I’m not sure why anyone would assume that the Experts work for free. What they do is difficult, and they are a very important part of our support model. But if you think that’s a point of confusion for our members, I’ll add some information about it to the Help article.

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I think people assume they work for free because Republic makes no mention otherwise. I might assume that they were paid if Republic called all their employees who are also customers “Customers”, but they don’t.

I think most normal unpaid customers would like to know this information and probably wouldn’t be too happy that the details of this program haven’t been 100% transparent.

Interesting assumption, but that’s not the kind of feedback we usually get on the program.

Do you have any more informational questions about the program?

Was "free"dback a Freudian slip or were you making a joke?

Yes I do have more questions.

Where can I find where Republic has announced or contacted its customers about the details of Expert compensation?

It was a typo. Thanks for pointing it out. I’ve corrected the reply above.

There’s nothing to announce or contact Members about.

Message an
Expert customer