Republic and dual sim phones in Europe


I am a Republic user that is spending a year in England.

  1. Can I buy a dual sim phone here and keep my Republic number on the 2nd sim (with the understanding that it only works on wifi)? The other option is to use my current phone with the republic number.
  2. I will want to use the new phone when I return to the US, what technical specs do I need to assure that it will work here, specifically what calling bands does it need to support? Is it sufficient to buy any kind of ‘quad band’ phone?


Hi @tinam.r4m2cc!

Republic doesn’t support any dual SIM phones so if you buy one, it wont work with Republic. That being said, if your phone is a My Choice phone (i.e. on the plans that are $15 plus $5 per gigabyte of data), then the phone is unlocked and should be able to be used overseas. Please see the following guide:International Travel with a Republic Phone .


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