Republic and Truecaller

Has Republic given any thought at all to us using the Truecaller app?
Let’s face it, whatever app Republic is giving us to block calls isn’t working
at all.

Hi @robertm.71psds,

To date, Republic’s service has been premised on using the Phone apps bundled by the manufacturer with our phones. Republic doesn’t specifically disallow use of third party dialers such as Truecaller. Have you tried it and found it not to work with Republic?

For me, the deal breaker with Truecaller (and most third party dialers) is this:

Contains Ads Offers in-app purchases

I do not want ads in my Phone app.

No, Truecaller works fine for me, it’s just that my phone (MotoX4) continually nags me to use Anytime.

Hi @robertm.71psds

There is a switch in the Republic App on some 'supported phones" (posted by @rolandh) to turn off the nag.

We’re I think talking about two different things here:

  1. TrueCaller has a dialer only product. This won’t cause a Nag.
  2. TrueCaller also has a text messaging App. This will cause a Nag. I personally haven’t tested if it works correctly with Republic. If it does, then the nag can be turned off on most phones (other than those where the manufacturer’s default app isn’t compatible with Republic.)

I reinstalled Truecaller. The nag be danged, my phone has been quiet all morning like it hasn’t been in months,

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