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My wife (J) and I are retired and since we are together 99% of the time we only need 1 cell phone.
Republic Anywhere is awesome because J found a way to text my phone from her computer. we refer to it as “Texting Myself”. It works great (when it works) which thankfully is most of the time. but when we text this way the Text repeats it’s self (send/receive) Do you think you could make an “ADD-ON” button? one add-on could be a “Texting Myself”. (2.0) (send only), “ADD A Person” allowing you to add someone to a thread while in the middle of an ongoing conversation., “RA Reboot” button that only reboots Republic Anywhere not your entire computer.
Also, my wife has Republic Anywhere on her MAC and lately it has been working 75% of the time. the other 25% requires an annoying reboot.

Hi @keithh.j3ut1h,

Generally, restarting Anywhere should not require rebooting one’s computer. Are you unable to quit the app, then relaunch?

I haven’t used Anywhere extensively with a PC, so I’ll leave advice on that to other helpful Community members.

On your wife’s Mac, what is Anywhere doing that requires a reboot? If necessary it is possible to force quit apps on a Mac. There’s a menu option under the Apple menu for that. Pressing the Escape key while simultaneously holding down the Option (Alt) and Command (Open-Apple) keys presents the force quit option as well. Finally, if all else fails, one may kill the Anywhere processes on a Mac using the Activity Monitor app which Apple buries in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder. Activity Monitor on a Mac is the equivalent to the Windows Task Manager.

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My wife said that rebooting the APP never works, rebooting the computer works 85% of the time some times it just doesn’t work at all.


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