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Have republic account with 2 phones with two different numbers. Mine and my wifes. Cant seem to set up app on laptops, tablet and phones. Wants to put only my phone number and texts on all the devices Can’t separate wife’s and my phone numbers on each appropriate device.

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If I understand you correctly, you and your wife’s lines are on the same account and you can’t setup your wife’s devices to use her number, right?

If so, you will find the following information helpful (comes from here: Republic Anywhere FAQs – Republic Help) :

What if there are multiple lines on my account? How do we each sign in?

The account owner must assign a user to an active service line on their account to allow that user access to the Anywhere service. Account owners have full access to messaging history, through the desktop app, for service lines that aren’t assigned to a specific user. For more information on how to assign users to service lines on your account, please read the “Assign This Phone” section of My Account.

I hope that helps!

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