Republic Anywhere Android Update: Version 1.0.10 - 07/18/17



Release Date: 07/18/17


  • Android phones

Version: 1.0.10

Description: This update includes the following

  • Bug fixes


as with most android phone apps the updates come from the Google Play store, note there may be a stage roll-out and one may not see it for a few days (stage roll-outs can take a week or to for every one to get it this has 2 advantages 1) prevents server overload at Google and 2) allows the developer to stop roll-out if a major bug was found when the first few users start using it )


Hi @shawng.gcqhil,

Have you tried updating the app through the Play Store?

If not, simply open the Play Store from your app drawer and search for “Republic Anywhere”. If your app hasn’t been updated yet, you should see an update button.


let’s make this truly anywhere! please develop a android wear app as well :smiley:
also add in wifi calling! it’d be cool if you could go into a building like a gym and just have your watch and bluetooth earbuds without worrying that you’re missing a call or a text.