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I wasn’t sure where to give feedback on the Republic Anywhere app, so here it goes.

For the most part, I really like the app. The interface is easy to use, it is visually appealing and texting from a desktop or laptop is totally awesome! However, there is one huge drawback that makes it unusable for me. When I want to send a text to more than one person, I have to make it a group chat. The Messenger App allows me to send a text to multiple recipients and each person receives their own text in their individual feed/stream. In the group chat, when anyone replies, everyone gets a text. This is super annoying when I send out general information to my piano students because they all send back “thanks” and everyone’s phone buzzes. I can’t figure out how to make Anywhere send a text to a group of people and have each person receive an individual text.



Hi @juliep.j1tn1r,

Thanks for the feedback. We’re glad you enjoy the app for the most part.

Group chats work the way you’ve described in most standard texting apps - they are meant to be a group conversation that everyone sees, like “reply-all” on an E-mail.

Sending one message to multiple, individual recipients usually requires a specialized, third-party app. I’ve seen some that even allow you to create the group and save it to use over and over again.

I know that you can do that in Messanging which just came installed on my phone, so I didn’t have to go looking for another app to do that. I would just love to be able to use the Anywhere app as my texting app.
I couldn’t find a place on the website to leave feedback for the Anywhere app, but if they wanted to add that to Anywhere it would be super awesome.

Have a super day!

Hi @juliep.j1tn1r,

Thanks for that update. I was not aware that both Messaging :messaging: and Messages :messages: now off a “Mass text” option where the text will go to many recipients individually, so replies are not a group text.

Since that’s now an option in the stock Android messaging apps, I’ll move your original post into the Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread so it can be included as a feature request.

Additionally, I’m going to close this topic and encourage others who’d also like to see this option in Anywhere let us know by “liking” your post (as a means of voting) in its new location at: Official Republic Anywhere Feature Request Thread

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