Republic Anywhere App not opening on my computer- part 2



@rolandh- I am finally getting a moment to work on my wife’s computer and I can’t find the directions you sent me to try and pull up the old messages to her new computer that I “cloned” via Time Machine. In case you forgot, here is what I have done…

Backed up her old Mac laptop via Time Machine.
Bought her a “new” reconditioned MBP running Sierra.
Had Time Machine clone her old laptop to the “new” one.

Updated the RAW app on the laptop to the latest verion.
Now the app won’t open on her laptop.

I need her old messages that got backed up to Time Machine to come up with this new computer as they are no longer on her new phone that she got a few months ago. Those messages on her old laptop are still there, but the machine is on it’s last “legs” and we can’t lose some of the messages as they may be needed in a court proceeding- possibly as early as October.

Thanks @rolandh


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Hi @MarkDeming,

My apologies for the delayed response. I’ve ben mostly offline the past few days. I see @jben provided a link to our previous discussion. Was that sufficient or is more help desired?


Nope, that doesn’t answer my questions.

I can not get my wife’s profile to come up on her new laptop. When I sign her into to my laptop, using the RAW app, it works fine, but of course only gives us the last 30 days of text for the Republic server. I need to get her signed into the RAW app on her new laptop. On her new laptop, I can sign in under my profile and it works just fine. But when I use her login credentials on this new machine, nothing happens. It’s on this new computer that all of her old messages should’ve been transferred when I backed up her old laptop via Time Machine.

Hopefully this makes sense…


This concerns me. I understand it would provide only the last 30 days, however, your wife should be able to sign into Anywhere on her “new” Mac. It makes less sense that you’re able to but she cannot. Am I understanding correctly that your wife is able to sign into Anywhere on her old Mac?


Yes, she can sign in on her old Mac as well as on my Mac. It’s just this new Mac that I cloned via Time Machine.



Hi @MarkDeming,

It’s Anywhere on the new Mac, she’s unable to sign into, correct? Presuming that’s the case, something in the Time Machine backup you restored from is likely corrupted. The challenge would be finding that something very much amounts to looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. I did make some suggestions in your earlier thread here: Did you try any of those? Did they not work?


Correct on the Anywhere App on her laptop. When I click on your link, it says that I don’t have access to that topic. Can you copy and paste it in this document and then I will try them tonight?

Thank you @rolandh


As requested:

Good Morning @MarkDeming,

Was Anywhere previously installed on the source of the Time Machine backup used to setup your new Mac? If so, it’s possible some of Anywhere’s support files were corrupted on the source and @southpaw’s inclination to remove all traces of Anywhere, then reinstall is logically sound.

As a starting point on the new Mac, I suggest killing any running processes for Anywhere. Inside your Mac’s Utilities folder you’ll find an app called Activity Monitor (for those following along it’s the macOS equivalent of the Windows Task Manager). Open that, type Anywhere in the search box to the upper right. Double-click any running Anywhere processes, click Quit, then Force Quit. Do this for each running Anywhere process. Next at User -> Library -> Preferences; delete (move to the trash) com.republicwireless.anywhere.helper.plist and com.republicwireless.anywhere.plist, then try a fresh install of Anywhere. There are additional support files, however, let’s try to keep this as least disruptive as possible.

Please let us know if this sorts things or not.

P.S. Out of curiosity are you purposely running Sierra (10.12.6) rather than High Sierra (10.13.6) on the new Mac?


Hi @rolandh
Sorry for the delay in getting to this! I started working through this, but I can not find com.republicwireless.anywhere.helper.plist and com.republicwireless.anywhere.plist in the Preferences folder. There are all kinds of other files, but not anything with Republic Wireless in them.

What should I do now?

Thank you!


Is there not a tech support number that I can call and talk to someone about this? Can I really only get tech help via these forums?



Good Morning @MarkDeming,

You may, of course, open a ticket and work directly with staff if that’s your preference. Please know, however, what you’re hoping to accomplish isn’t exactly what Republic Anywhere is designed to do. Anywhere isn’t intended as a backup solution. Rather, it’s intended to allow use of one’s Republic number for text messaging on devices other than one’s Republic phone.

For what it’s worth, the process here might be somewhat more interactive if you would let us know what was and wasn’t working sooner.

I have to ask if you’re looking in the correct preferences folder. There are multiple preferences folders on a Mac. Are you looking in the one inside the folder representing your wife’s account on her Mac. In other words:

Macintosh HD -> Library -> Preferences isn’t where you should find these files. You need to be looking at Macintosh HD -> Users -> Your Wife’s User Account -> Library -> Preferences.


Sorry on delays… Father of 7 kids- don’t always have a lot of time to get right on things!

What I really need is for the RA App to work on my wife’s laptop. It will launch, but then when I try and sign in as her, it won’t! When I try and sign in as me, it works just fine. This is on her laptop. When we go to my MBP, I can login with my account and she can as well. So there is an issue with signing in as my wife on just her laptop! I’ve figured out how to save the texts we may need for legal proceedings so that is no longer and issue. Just need to get her signed in as herself on her laptop.

I am not finding that folder. Here is a screenshot so you can see…

As you can see, there is no Library folder under her user account. And I have looked for those two files in the System folder as well as the Library folder that you can see in the screen shot. I have tried to delete the existing RA App and just reinstall and it still won’t work. Any ideas would be great!

Thanks @rolandh!


Hi @MarkDeming,

Therein lies at least part of the problem. Her user account should have a Library folder. Have you looked inside the listed folders to see if Library might have been inadvertantly moved inside another one? Does her user account have a Library folder on her old MacBook Pro?

If I remember correctly, you’re able to sign into Anywhere on this computer, yes? If so, are you doing so when signed into the user account Mark?


Hi @rolandh

Yes, I can sign into the Anywhere app on her old laptop- I verified that again tonight. And no, I am under my wife’s account (macbookpro) when I sign her into the Anywhere app.

As you can see by this screenshot, even her old laptop doesn’t have the LIbrary folder in her User account. There is the Library folder in Hard Drive, but there is no Republic folder nested in there. Any ideas?


Hi @MarkDeming,

Were you able to retrieve your wife’s text messages?


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